Navigating Your TASCR Account

Tufts Archives and Special Collections Research Account System

Welcome to our Tufts Archives and Special Collections Research Account System (TASCR)! With your TASCR account, you can make new requests, view useful information about research at Digital Collections and Archives, or review our policies and procedures. If you would like to schedule a reference appointment or have any other questions, email us at and we'll be happy to help!

Registering for Your Account

Before you can make any requests, you will need to set up your account online. To set up your account, go to You will need to click on the login link corresponding with your Tufts affiliation status. If you are affiliated with the University and have an active UTLN, complete the form on the left side of the screen. If you are not affiliated with Tufts, complete the form on the right side of the screen.

Once you sign in, you will be taken to the “First Time User” page – please read and click the “Accept Terms and Conditions” button, which will take you to the registration form.

Form to complete your registration.
Remainder of form.

Next, simply complete the Registration Form and press “Submit Information.”

Registration form.             


Your registration is now complete and you can begin placing request through both the Tufts Digital Library and the Tisch Library Catalog.

Making Reading Room Requests

You can make a request for archives and special collections materials directly from the Tufts Digital Library and Tisch Library Special Collections directly from the Tisch LIbrary Catalog

From the Tufts Digital Library

Example of finding aid.


When you are ready to save your materials to your TASCR account, schedule a visit, or make a scanning request, click on My List:

My list feature.


Then choose your option:

Choose your option.


From the Tisch Library Catalog

Tisch Library Catalog view.

Click on "Request to view this item in the Archives Reading Room."

You will be redirected to to log into your account. Once you have logged in, a request form will automatically be filled out for you. Fill in any additional information relevant to your request.


TASCR form for Tisch Special Collections.


Making Requests for Copies from the Tufts Digital Library

Please see our website for more information on our Reproduction and Use policies.

When you are ready to place a scanning request, go to My List and choose “Request Copies”.


My List.

Request options.

Then complete and submit the form.

Request copies form.


Tracking and Managing Your Requests

Via the left-hand tool bar you can:

  • Review and submit saved requests
  • Track outstanding requests
  • Review and resubmit cancelled requests
  • Review your request history
  • Review all your requests
  • Review notifications received
  • Access your Orders
  • Manage your Activities
  • Update your user information

Menu options in TASCR.


Requests Saved for Later

View of Requests Saved for Later.

Here you can review, edit, submit, or cancel your requests. Please note that cancelled requests are still available in both Cancelled Requests and All Requests.

Outstanding Requests

Outstanding Requests view.

Outstanding Requests are those that are still active. The Status line will tell you where the Request is in its lifecycle. From here you can view, edit, clone, or cancel a request.


Cancelled Requests

Cancelled Requests view.

Cancelled Requests are never deleted. Here you may resubmit your request or clone it. The Status line indicates whether the request was cancelled by you or by a member of staff.


History Requests

History Requests view.

Here you’ll find all completed requests. You can always review or clone these requests.


All Requests

All Requests view.

Here you’ll find all the requests you’ve ever placed – cancelled, completed, and still in production. No request is ever deleted from the system, ensuring you have a complete and comprehensive record of your work.


View Notifications

View Notifications in your TASCR account

View Notifications contains every notification of scanning request delivery you’ve received. Clink on each link to view the message in its entirety.


Order Estimates

View your Order Estimates.

Orders awaiting approval are found here in Order Estimates.


Delivered Items

View your Delivered Items.

Delivered Items records the delivery of scanning and digitization requests. Don’t forget to download and save your orders locally, as material is deleted from our servers 30 days from the date of upload.



View your Activities.

Faculty and staff may collaborate to create activities, allowing them to work together to plan and schedule class visits, outreach events, and projects. Click on the ID link for more information about the activity and its associated material and photoduplication requests.

Change User Information

Change User Information form

All users can update their personal information at any time.


Change Password

Change Your Password


Please note that current Tufts affiliates cannot change their passwords in TASCR. Recent graduates and all non-Tufts affiliates, however, can do so here.